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    Social Media Managements

    Social Media is now recognised as one of the best platforms for displaying goods or advertising any service in general. At BigBidder, we help manage these social media handles to reach consumers better.


    PPC (Pay per clicks)

    Associated with the very first tier of search engines, Pay Per Click is considered to be one of the best advertising models. It helps in producing ads related to different searches. BigBidder produces such ads for clients so they can achieve their desired recognition.


    Video Production

    Visual representation is considered to be the most convenient way of marketing. BigBidder helps in producing the best video for the purpose of advertisement. Our team ensures that all the elements of the services are demonstrated along with the essence of the company or brand.


    Influencer Marketing

    Influencers undoubtedly play an important role in impacting the consumer base on social media platforms. The influencer marketing strategy has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. BigBidder understands the importance of this marketing method and helps clients with influencer marketing to create brand awareness.



    User Acquisition Campaign is the campaign that draws new customers from a data-driven strategy. BigBidder has aced this marketing strategy and thus, helps the clients plan according to this advertisement category.